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Herbal Essentials is a skincare & wellness brand that draws its inspiration and ingredients from the Himalayas to bring you affordable skincare that works.  

Our mission is to rediscover wellness and optimize skin health. We do this by combining pure Himalayan spring water with active plant botanicals and ancient Ayurvedic ingredients that have long been known for their wellness benefits.

Our ethos is to always be honest and transparent in everything that we do. This includes information about our ingredients, the science behind our skincare, clinical trials and consumer testing, and sustainability efforts.

Natural, Sustainable & Cruelty Free

Herbal Essentials create high performance and affordable skincare & wellness products using active plant botanicals, in combination with pure Himalayan Spring Water. We harness science to amplify the potency of our natural skincare products so that you can see and feel the difference in your skin.

Inspired by the power of Ayervedic ingredients, our ‘clean’ skincare products derive their efficacy from the perfect blend of ancient beauty wisdom and science to tackle modern day skin concerns. Our products are always at least 90% natural origin content, cruelty-free and all our packaging can be recycled.

Herbal Essentials was created to bring you a skincare collection that is easy to use, accessible for all but, most importantly, improves your complexion!

We strive to consistently help you achieve healthy & radiant skin with our high-performance range.

Our team have worked for years to perfect formulations that transform the appearance of your skin. The natural ingredients we combine with pure Himalayan Spring Water have been specifically selected to help with different concerns to bring you high quality products you can easily incorporate into your current skincare routine.

So, what are you waiting for?

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